the ether (pt5)

Travel north
Travel west
Find the cut
In your chest
See the heart
Swelling high
It will fall
And cloud the sky
All the life
Upon the crust
Will recede
Into dust
Hallowed be…
Our kingdom come
Life and death
Our will be done

Stubborn and willful with endless demands
You tighten your grip and she slipped from your hands
The weary and hungry, too tired to wait
Discard your philosophies and end this debate

One of us
Has refused
To step aside
To simply move
Now we ask
You make a choice
Come with us
And keep your voice
Or if you will
Stay your own
Suffer death
As it goes
You will die
As you lived
The bag of meat we
won’t forgive

Now you must reason the question is clear
You know you can speak and you now have our ear
We tire of asking again and again
We have no more time and our patience is thin

Performed and produced by Michael Bird
Words and Music by Michael Bird