Your wide eyes trace the lights
Strung throughout the city grid
They belie a heat inside
That goes unnoticed here
Cutting through the cannabis breeze
Buried under the gutter trash
Dirty feet from asphalt streets
Tread over forgotten fear

A quiet mind proves too rare
One learns to filter one’s dismay
Moments rage, then soon allay
Like steam after the dirty rain
The concrete doesn’t love you
The wind pushes you away
No one appears to see you here
Yet here is where you mean to stay

Such things you dare to do
Never would’ve occurred to you
All born and so consumed
By the normal you’ve adapted to
The things you left behind
Are someone else’s life
To have stayed and slowed died
Never even crossed your mind

Once upon a time
You dreamt of today
Now you live in wishes
You once made
Where is the before
For this ever after?
Could you find it now
Would it even matter?
You can’t see the stars here
Because you live among them
What could shine brighter
Given all you’ve done

Performed and produced by Michael Bird
Words and music by Michael Bird