Before you stands
The given man
Accused of treachery
You’ll find his name
Confessed with shame
Recalled with clarity
He will confront
He’ll turn and run
And call it victory
So then this one
He will be cut
With due impunity
And where’s his love
He held above
Even his precious soul?
Did she decide
To take her life?
When did she lose control?
He sent her here
A mess of tears
With nothing left to hold
Now truth demands
We drop the hand
And now his head must roll
So let the guns
Unload the sum
For all that he betrayed
This mess of meat
Is incomplete
Lost in his final day
So take your aim
And let’s reclaim
The one who walked away
And now the gods
Need only nod
What does the jury say?

He’s a made-up god not fit to be
He can’t stand his own stench so why should we?

We’ve heard too long
His morbid songs
Playing upon deaf ears
The lack of hope
Within their scope
Says all thats needed here
He is no king
Sent down to sing
Away the whole worlds’ tears
And worse than this
We’d be remiss
So lets just make it clear
Your missing teeth
Propped up belief
You cannot help but tell
Your tattered soul
The very hole
It is a bottomless well
The one who tried
You can’t deny
It put the girl through hell
The one who died
Did she confide?
It is the reason she fell
So circled in
With all your sins
Now are you starting to hear?
Your painted lies
About the skies
They all sound a bit queer
A gaping void
So paranoid
You’re the source of your own fear
We’ve heard enough
About this love
So bring the accused near

He’s a made-up god not fit to be
He can’t stand his own stench so why should we?

Agents of the collective,
Allow me to introduce to you the great poet,
Descended down from the mountain,
To deliver unto us his most-important message of love,
But in further analysis of his file,
You’ll find him not at all fit for the topic,
He has, in fact, made the entirety of his career
A litany of failure for fear and shame,
His insecurities have held him out of his society,
And as he walked he did so deride:
All these fellow men and women he claimed to love,
He could never so much as speak to them.
And now his failure is complete as you will find him,
He has betrayed even the people he loves,
He is in full, no more or less than a traitor

Performed and produced by Michael Bird except: additional guitar – Matt Kosinski
Words and music by Michael Bird