Tiresius Comes Home

I watched serpents copulating
Their pained anticipating
And after I just wasn’t the same
As I
Felt the heat receding
My sex was full and bleeding
My intentions folded back and were changed
So then my
Heart it was a hole and always hungry
The tide of sex was high and always coming
Then, seven years spent
I saw those serpents again

Replaced upon my gender
Marked return to sender
The gods asked me to tell them my tale
So then,
Thinking of the cost to me
I told my story honestly
And for this I was lost of my sight
But Zeus said
The truth hurts some more than cruel deception
But I’ll give you the gift of deep perception
Crowned, my eyes carved out
I see the world as it is now

Performed and produced by Michael Bird
Additional programming by Joey Irsik
Words and music by Michael Bird