And Now the Reckoning

Perversion of ecology
Foul predator, vain and trivial
Conceited, assume supremacy
So offensive, vile and venial
The apex of animalia
Impertinent, defiled, impudent
Cries in the wilderness
Once articulate, but growing desperate

Hubris over biology
Ever-dominant, never cognizant
Fucking into infinity
Angry, virulent, empowered, dissonant
Primate of faux divinity
Falsely generous, fearful, treacherous
Species homosapia
Only smart enough to be dangerous

All the life you leave debased
Each species driven into extinction
Your legacy of such pointless waste
Written large for your fragile ego
The sky defiled, mountains defaced
As your cities slide into the ocean
We bid “goodnight” to the human race
Now all the world is full of you

Performed and produced by Michael Bird
Words and music by Michael Bird