What pursuit befits man best?
In which endeavor ought he invest?
What offers him delight?
What whets his appetite?
Is there one such thing?

With hungry and such weary hands he
Seeks respite that suits his fancy
For what is he to yearn?
Being one that so discerns?
I know just the thing

Neither contented by rye nor rum
Nor emboldened with the iron of guns
I’d take my solace
Or what you’d call it
In my one true thing

Legitimized by neither legends nor gods
Too well-seen behind their facades
I’ll take my measure
Take it at my pleasure
And it is quite the thing

The naked charms of those who fascinate
Bewitching hearts until blood radiates
Esteem betrayed by those we can’t acquire
Our most essential is defined by desire
Heartsick lovers, so lucid and bright
Bring your lustful, starving appetites
For those who captivate
Whom I anticipate
Desire’s the ideal thing

Performed and produced by Michael Bird
Words and music by Michael Bird