Announcing Desire

mrmoth will release their first album in 16 years, Desire at all digital venues on October 25th, 2019.

The track listing is as follows:

The End of the Road
Gone Down
Call on Your Stars
Shark Eyes
And Now the Reckoning

The album is a departure from the rest of the mrmoth catalog as it is meant to be a more focused collection of synth pop songs. While synth pop implies a relationship to the classic synth pop of the 80s currently enjoying another renaissance among many contemporary electronic acts, in this case it isn’t meant to imply that this album is to be nostalgia-driven nor will it feature a particularly retro sound.

Core member of mrmoth, Michael Bird explains, “I appreciate the more concise, song-driven nature of that era, and its proud focus on technology in music as aesthetic mission. I wanted this album to be nimble and lean, while still focusing on the assets of this particular band’s sound. The emphasis on this record is less on guitar though, and more on piano and keys.”

Additional details, including lyrics and a song-by-song break down will be available on on October 25th.

Previously available singles from this album have been remastered for this release and new masters for the singles will be sent to distributors before the 25th. Updates per availability will be posted to and associated social media once available.