8/14/2019 Update

Time to bring you up to speed, loyal reader.

Previously-mentioned straggler, the song once known as “Reclamation,” has been finished. Its lyrics were some of the hardest fought-for on this record. The effort was worth as it as I’m actually quite proud of it …I’m somewhat surprised to report. That particular song’s new title is known to me, but I’m hedging on it. I will probably resolve to accept the title I am considering, but I’m not pressed to decide just yet, so I’m standing non-committal until such time.

Honestly, much of the album is done. Like, really, truly finished. I’m down to one final track on which vocals have been started, though they are as of yet unfinished. There a couple of open-ended considerations with one other and I’m still turning a few stones trying to see if there are any other preferable options before I definitively accept that it is done. It is very strong as-is, but it’s hard to not hope it can be elevated even higher.

I suppose I should know more Friday. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but I’d say it is likely we’re close to things really kicking into overdrive. There’s much to announce, but I shouldn’t get out over my skis, just yet.

More soon.