7/12/2019 UPDATE

So it’s been a little bit with no update. Much to report.

“Shark Eyes” is in the bank.

The title track of the album is in the bank – I’ll tell you the title and all about it later.

Lyrics were the main bone of contention this week as I have been chipping away at one that has a working (but probably not being used) title of “Reclamation.” That one is probably about 50% there. The verses are good. There’s a repeating pre-chorus that is proving challenging, mostly because I have too many good albeit unfinished ideas for it. The chorus will be quick though once I sort out the pre-chorus, as the strategy for it has been determined. This particular track will bear the closest resemblance to old mrmoth of anything on the album, though lyrically it’s still a bit of a departure.

“Metropolitan” has taken considerable steps forward. I’d been struggling with the choruses, but ultimately made the difficult decision to kill the sung chorus altogether. It was a bit over the top – a problem I find with most choruses generally – and ultimately there’s such a nice melody in the keyboards that I really hated stomping all over with my voice. I think it’s done, but I’m ultimately going to have to decide if I’m okay letting the song breathe without a sung chorus. It feels right, listening to it, but I’m not sure. I’ve heard these songs so many times as instrumentals, it’s difficult to know whether it’s my ear or if I’ve trained my response.

All told, I’m about three vocals from being done. If I’m honest it could be a million miles away just this moment for how it feels.