7/01/2019 UPDATE

Over the last week, the completed form of this project has really started to take shape.

The afore-mentioned cover got reworked a little to a place that I can probably call it final(ish). It’s too early to share it. That probably won’t happen until the project is announced properly.

While a working title has eluded me throughout the production, this weekend one appeared. I wouldn’t call it final but it is certainly close enough that it will bear a striking resemblance to whatever the final title ultimately becomes. Arriving at it was only possible because I have been able to finally see the thematic through-lines of the project and establish a proper running order. The title is a product of those two factors and it may or may not be shared with one of the songs – the last one. It’s too early to say definitively. With the ether series this is always quite easy because of the narrative structures. For those albums, I often knew the title before I ever recorded a note. Not so much with this current project and once I can actually discuss more about it, that will be easier to explain.

For now, know that I genuinely feel like I came over the top of a very steep hill this weekend. So much so that I can finally admit this is going to be an album. A proper album – my first since 2002.