4/23/2019 Update

So now that the new site is launched (hello, welcome back), I’m going to try to go back to the old style of update, wherein I post more regularly and with a bit more detail than simply acknowledging that something new has come out. I mean, as it stands, the news page and the discography page look rather confusingly similar. The only remedy for that is more content, and so here we are.

Generally, since mrmoth activities were suspended in 2005, I’ve tried to not do too much previewing of what’s coming and do more of the “surprise” approach to announcing work. It seems to be my curse that every time I announce an upcoming release, the universe sees fit to interfere and the thing never comes out. And while I am interested in letting it be known that I am working on things – a lot of things – it is too early to give away the specifics.

Just know that the ongoing singles I’ve been releasing in a one-or-two-per-year rate have been adding up to something(s) and that the final form(s) of it/they is/are probably coming sooner than the span between the last couple singles. I’m working toward that anyway.

I realize that’s ultimately a rather obvious story math problem to work out, but speaking in generalities is about my only safe bet if I mean to dodge the afore-mentioned curse. My hope is that I will be able to announce completions, or at least journal my activities toward those completions here as the next thing(s), whatever it/they is/are, take(s) form.

But don’t quote me on that.